Children & Teens

Infants & Toddlers

Little Lights Nursery
(Ages 6 Months – 3 Years)

The nursery ministry of Southside Worship Center is committed to creating an environment of peace and joy for children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years old during our worship services. The little ones enjoy sing-along-songs, listen to bible verses, watch Bible story videos and more!

Children’s Church
(Ages 3-12)

The Children’s Church of Southside Worship Center fulfills an integral role in equipping our children to live successful Christian lives. The children gather every Sunday and their hearts are molded to serve the Lord through: songs, arts & crafts, bible lessons and more. The Children’s Church takes place each Sunday during our 11:00am worship service.

Young Children & Teens

(Ages 4-12)

This ministry empowers girls to embrace the inner-beauty of Christ like character while learning practical life skills that apply to all stages of maturity in a girl’s life. The Missionettes gather each Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Royal Rangers
(Ages 4-12)

This ministry empowers boys, ages 4-12, to live for Christ while equipping them with practical life skills. They learn scripture, respect, basic survival and more. The Royal Rangers gather each Wednesday at 7:00pm.

S.O.Y. Teen Ministry
(Ages 13-18)

The S.O.Y. Teen Ministry empowers youth to Stand Out for Jesus on a daily basis. Our youth ministry equips teens with in-depth spiritual teaching, provides positive socialization and develops our youth to serve in the ministry and in their community. Each year is highlighted by youth camp, exciting outings and enriching youth bible studies!