Our History

Humble Beginnings

Southside Worship Center began in the heart of E.M. Bell. After much prayer and planning Southside Tabernacle was birthed in 1969. The founding pastor was Pastor Thurmon Faison. The second pastor was pastor Charles Blackwell. During his tenure the ministry expanded in the following areas. After a series of dreams and summer internships in Chicago Pastor Spencer Jones was appointed pastor in 1972. For the next thirty-eight years he built a church that became nationally known for its evangelism and ministry training center for young pastors.  


Southside Worship Center has always reached its surrounding neighborhood. Through weekly door knocking, exciting children and youth programs as well as adopt-a-school initiatives many families in the neighborhood have been touched.

Great Growth

In the mid-1970’s Southside Worship Center began holding Pack-A-Pew services on an annual basis. These services were a source of exponential growth. For the next ten years the church grew by almost 75-100 members per year! Much of the growth was due to great outreach programs. The office staff of the church greatly expanded in the 1980’s to accommodate the new families that were joining the ministry.

New Territory

By 1992 the congregation had broken ground on a new building to its north. Through the favor of God and generous giving multiple lots of property was acquired to the north of the old building. It took approximately four years for the congregation to move into the new church building. With more room to grow and expand the congregation swelled to well over 1,000 members. Evangelism outreach, soul-winning and great children and youth programs caused the new building to be in full use seven days per week. In 2010 Bishop Spencer Jones felt that God was calling him to the next phase of ministry. Therefore being led by the Holy Spirit he asked his former youth pastor (1993-95), Pastor Titus Lee, to take the mantle of the pastorate and lead the church forward into the future.

A New Generation

Pastor Titus Lee was installed as the fourth pastor of Southside Worship Center on December 12, 2010. Since that day the church has continued to thrive as a holistic ministry that empowers people from all walks of life. The church continues to grow because it is a place where people do care and overcome! Under his leadership our ministry infrastructure has been greatly strengthened. Our church hosts regular community-wide outreaches that reach thousands each year. Through the dynamic preaching of our leader and consistent outreach the church has expanded into new dimensions.